In this blog, we’re using the word ‘worship’ in a unique way, not tied to specific religious expressions. Here, ‘worship’ is defined as a lens through which we examine what we prioritize and value most.

The word, ‘worship’ is derived from the Old English ‘Weorþscipe,’ meaning “worship, honor shown to an object,” or defined as “worthiness” or “worth-ship.” It is the act of assigning worth or worthiness, which simply means valuing something highly and holding it with great regard. What do you worship or assign worth to?

Here’s an example of assigning worth: The price of gold. The price of gold is determined by the global balance of supply and demand. The gold market is dynamic, with many factors influencing the price at any given moment. At its core, when demand outstrips supply, the gold price will rise and vice versa. Someone is assigning worth or worship (worth-ship).

The truth is that people assign worth to all sorts of things. In essence, we worship lots of stuff because we value things greatly. Material things like houses, cars, and boats. Status in society, like education, careers, and memberships. Monetary things like bank accounts, investment portfolios, and acquisitions. Whatever the thing is, we value it highly, desire it greatly, focus on it intently, and pursue it with all our hearts. We will worship something.

Let’s be clear: There’s nothing wrong with these things. But, it’s crucial to remember that these objects of our ‘worship’ hold lesser value when compared to the One who truly deserves our attention and value. Things are meant to be used, not worshipped, and by keeping them in their rightful place and not overvaluing them, we can utilize them for eternal good. This helps us avoid the traps and pitfalls of overvaluing temporal things, and we can be set free to live focused lives that yield an eternal ROI (E-ROI).

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REMEMBER: Better People make Better Businesses, and Better Businesses make a Better World.

Creating E-ROI,

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