We are all different, and that is good. Our faces, skin, hair, and eye colors are different. Our body shapes, fingerprints, thinking, desires, loves, dreams, what makes us happy, what makes us sad – all different. God made every person different, and every person is different on purpose and for a purpose. Different is good.

If different is good, why do so many people spend inordinate amounts of time comparing themselves with others? What is it inside us that drives us to such great depths of comparison? The list goes on and on, whether it’s body image, academic success, wealth accumulation, athletic achievement, or career advancement.

Here’s my simple answer to a complex issue: We are enamored with what we don’t have, aren’t happy with who we are, and are not content in and with our lives. We are looking outside ourselves to answer life’s big questions, and it is leaving us wanting. Being different can lead to division (inside and out), or it can lead to the Divine.

Today, we live in a world where technology, social media platforms, and other forms of influence are shaping our thinking, feeling, and acting. We are allowing “who we are” to be shaped by outside forces that leave our souls hollow and void of purpose, meaning, worth, and hope. I am not a Luddite because I think technology has value, but I know that how we relate to ourselves and others is core to humanity. Being human is about relating, and relationship is the glue that binds us, and being different can drive us apart or bring us together. Here is a question for you to think about: How can we know ourselves and others so we can champion differences and make people better?

Doing Good at Work educates, equips, and empowers individuals, businesses, organizations, and non-profit leaders to understand and value different. Working together improves when we understand our and others’ personality types, learning styles, multiple intelligences, strengths, and Languages of Appreciate. We help leaders know themselves and those they lead and assist them in leading their people to know one another. Do you want to be a better people leader? Click HERE to get started.

REMEMBER: Better People make Better Businesses, and Better Businesses make a Better World.

Leading Differently,

Dr. Boomer Brown, Ph.D., is the CEO of Doing Good at Work. Doing Good at Work is a 501(c) 3 organization that functions like a business. We desire to “Make People Better” because we know better people make better businesses and better businesses make a better world. Learn more: https://doinggoodatwork.com/

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