When we think of Daniel in the Bible, the story of the lions’ den usually comes to mind. It certainly was a heroic moment in the life of this great man.

And when we think of Daniel’s friends, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, our minds go to the story of the fiery furnace.

These four men were resolute in character, and the foundation for that kind of character and the kind of stand they took was laid early in their lives. As young men, they made resolutions they were able to keep when they were older.

It’s like building a house. The most important time is not when you paint the walls and decorate the interior. The most important time is when you lay the foundation to support everything else to come. This is also true for your personal life. How do you build a strong personal foundation in your life?

Many things go into building a strong personal foundation, but one ingredient is good character. Character refers to the moral qualities, ethical standards, and principles a person exhibits and demonstrates in how they live and interact with others daily. Character is at the core of who you are, and by building good character, you build a strong personal foundation for everything else that is to come.

Several prominent writers have noted that the foundation of Western Civilization is crumbling because of the lack of personal character. You may agree or disagree with that statement, but you will never go wrong when you invest in building good character.

You decide what principles you will live by and what road you will take because every day, you make decisions. You determine the evening of your life by the morning of it. You decide the end of your life by the beginning. The stand you make today will determine what kind of stand you will make tomorrow. It isn’t some mystical thing that you have nothing to say about. How will you build your personal character, and how will you help others do the same?

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