Now and then, a young person refers to me as an “Old” person. I quickly say, “I am not old; I am older.” There is a big difference between being old and being older. Yes, it may be a chronological issue, but more important is that age is relative to your attitude, beliefs, and daily actions. Here’s a good example.

Recently, I visited Topsail Island on the North Carolina coast. Topsail Island has a rich, interesting history centered around its name, founding, and turtles. The Island is divided into three primary sections: North Topsail, Surf City, and South Topsail. The setting for this story is South Topsail.

In 1964, Sonny and Doris Jenkins opened the Topsail Beach Skating Rink. Sonny and Doris were serious skaters who wanted others to enjoy this sport. Today, you can visit 714 South Anderson Drive, Topsail, NC, and go upstairs over the US. Post Office and the ice cream shop, and you can skate. It’s still there, and people are still skating, including Doris, who is skating in her 80s. Doris is “Older,” and the rink may be older, but a new adventure happens every time someone laces up their skates. The value of a person, place, or thing is relative to the mind and the heart of the beholder.

In a world where obsolescence is built into almost everything (cellphones, computers, cars, furniture, etc.) and change is the mantra, there is still great value in the “Older.” The principles on which they are founded make both the older and new valuable. There are billions of applications, but a limited number of unchanging, eternal principles exist. We call these principles “The Truth.” These principles are not “Old” and outdated, but they are “older” and timeless.

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