Recently, I received an email saying, “Every successful business/organization needs FIVE systems to run. It then stated the five systems are…

  1. Leadership: A proven system for finding, hiring, and developing people.
  2. Marketing: A proven system for generating perfect clients consistently.
  3. Sales: A proven system that closes more sales consistently.
  4. Operations: A proven system your team can use to serve your clients consistently.
  5. Administration: A simple system that maximizes profits and efficiencies.

    I agree with the five systems, but there is a PROBLEM. The writer left out the most important system: PEOPLE. None of the BIG five systems work without people.

  6. People: A Proven system that cares, encourages, equips, empowers, appreciates, develops, and makes people better every day.

S. Truett Cathy (1921-2014), the founder of Chick-fil-A, always maintained he wasn’t in the chicken business but the people business. From knowing his customers by name to forming lifelong friendships with his employees, Cathy viewed his business as more than a source of revenue for him and his family; it was a source of encouragement to others.

Truett lived a life centered on his family, a heart for his employees, and a love for the customer. He built his life and business on Judeo-Christian values, and his faith wasn’t just practiced on Sunday; it was practiced every day of the week inside and outside the restaurant.

When you look at any organization at the granular level, it all comes down to people. Success organizations commit to and follow a “people first” agenda. Every decision, every structure, and every idea is created with people as the top priority. Profit is essential; without it, you don’t have a viable organization, but the key to increasing profit is making people better. If we want better businesses, organizations, not-for-profits, and faith-based groups, we must commit to putting people first.

Doing Good at Work educates, equips, and empowers individuals, businesses, organizations, and non-profit leaders to make PEOPLE FIRST. We help leaders discover and develop their PEOPLE SYSTEM and offer services and tools that help you make better people. Learn more by scheduling a simple conversation. Click HERE to get started. How you treat your people is a choice.

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