Look at the picture above. What do you see? Yes, it is a photo showing the tread of a boot. Whose boot is it? It’s astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s boot footprint, which he left on the moon in 1969. Scientists say that footprint is likely, unchanged after all these years. Nothing on the moon gets eroded without wind or water, so what happens on the lunar landscape stays there. Unchanged, wow!

What a big difference from the world we live in today, where it seems everything is changing. , For some, change is exhilarating and freeing, while for others, it is disheartening and fearful. However you view change, it is part of life, but change must be managed.

As a former IBM executive, one of the crown jewels of the “IBM Way” was Change Management. Effective change management always begins with vision, values, and desired outcomes. These three principle-centered moorings, spelled out in the contract, never changed and kept the team grounded and moving forward while managing the needed changes along the way. A contract always had an end, and the goal was to deliver the highest quality, cost-effective, and timely services with the least downtime and the highest customer satisfaction. It was a challenge, but what propelled us toward success was our commitment to delivering the contract.

Life is similar to project management, including all major changes and challenges. The big difference is there is no contract, just an unchanged person who controls the beginning, middle, and end. That person is God, and God is unchanging.

Having a relationship with the unchanging God provides the truth, assurance, stability, confidence, and hope we need to navigate life’s ups and downs. Life can and will be challenging, but knowing the lead designer is directing my life is a plus. All I need to do is communicate with Him because every good project manager knows communication is the key to project success. 

Here is what we know: More change is coming, and we will need unchanging principles to guide us. Where will you get your unchanging principles, and how will you implement and integrate them into your life and business? We all need the Unchanging to navigate change.

Doing Good at Work encourages, equips, and empowers individuals, businesses, organizations, and non-profit leaders to manage change well. We offer services and tools based on unchanging principles and provide seasoned, flexible guidance to apply to your unique situation. Learn more by scheduling a simple conversation. Click HERE to get started. How you navigate change is a choice.

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