Spring is a time of flourishing. Winter has passed, and the time of new birth arrives right on schedule. Things start greening up, plants break through the ground and reappear, flowers begin to bloom, and it’s time to turn the soil, reseed, fertilize, and plant. The birds are chirping, and nests are being built and populated with the hope of new arrivals. It’s spring, and the hope of flourishing is in the air.

Merriam-Webster defines flourishing as a time to grow, thrive, and prosper: to be in a state of activity or production, to reach a height of development or influence, and to achieve success. However you define flourishing, we all want to experience it.

How do you define flourishing? What does flourishing look like to you? What areas in life do you want to flourish in? The more poignant question is, “How will you flourish?”

In previous blogs, you were invited to explore seven topics: Caring, People, Life-giving Work, Teams, Change, Simplicity, and the goodness of God Individually, they are good ideas, but they form a powerful pathway to flourishing when they are connected. We call them the Universal Principles of Flourishing. 

Human flourishing or business/organizational flourishing is not something that just happens. We’ve all seen that space in nature where everything is overgrown, out of control, and lacks proper development. We’ve also seen those barren areas where the soil is hard, lacking nutrients, and full of impediments. In both cases, the lack of attention to the opportunity prevents flourishing.

Whether the economy is good or not-so-good, you, your people, and your business/organization can flourish. That may sound like an oxymoron, but it is true. Profit is important, but profit is more than just dollars and cents. How are you preparing to flourish? Will you be reactive or proactive? Now is the time to take action.

Doing Good at Work encourages, equips, and empowers individuals, businesses, organizations, and non-profit leaders to embrace “Flourishing.” Know the Universal Principles of Flourishing, download a copy, and apply them to your life and work. You can also schedule a simple “People Strategy” conversation by clicking HERE. Flourishing is a choice.

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