The Art of Caring

I grew up in a caring family, and I learned to care for others because others cared for me. Many people don’t feel cared for today. So the simple truth is that Caring always comes first!

My Grandmother, Lottie Mae Lindsay Brown, was one of the primary shapers in my life. I called her “Maw Maw,” and who she was and how she lived has forever been etched on my eternal memory. She cared for everyone.

She was loving and kind, respected and appreciated others, and gave her time, talent, and treasure to make others better. This is the essence of caring. Like a good “Southern” lady, she grew vegetables, cooked meals (fried foods), canned things (Mason jars), washed clothes and hung them on a line to dry, cared for friends and neighbors, and served at church. In addition, she worked a full-time job for 40+ years at R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company factory #1 as the Chief Inspector on line one. She never had a driver’s license, but she was always on the go because there was always an opportunity to care for others.

She taught me the “Art of Caring” by modeling it, and she included me in the “Mission of Caring” so I would carry it on after she was gone. The motive for her caring was simple: She loved people, and by loving them, she loved God.

Today, our world is experiencing a shortage of caring, but we can change that. We can choose to slow down, see other people, listen to their stories and share ours. We can respect and appreciate others, see the best in them, and bring back the “Art of Caring.” We can do this in our homes, neighborhoods, communities, and workplaces. Everyone needs a caring person or persons in their lives.

At Doing Good at Work, we want to empower individuals, businesses, organizations, and non-profits to care for others. It’s a simple idea but a powerful one. Caring can change the world. For that simple reason, we encourage you to become an “Agent of Caring” today. Click HERE to sign-up as a participant in the Doing Good at Work movement. Participants receive bi-monthly communications on the first and third Mondays and additional ideas about doing good in their community. They also have the opportunity to DO MORE GOOD by becoming a “Good Buddy.” Take the first step in caring today.

Caring with you,


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