Come on, Good Buddy

My Dad was a CBer. A CBer is a person that uses a Citizens Band radio to communicate to others. This was big stuff back in the 70s. He had a base radio, a lollipop microphone, and over our house was a huge Moonraker box-shaped antenna. I am not sure what my Mom, or the neighbors were thinking, but my Dad was “all in” to CBing!

Everyone who communicated over the airwaves as a CBer had to have a handle. A handle is your on-air name. My Dad’s was the “Lil’ Brown Jug.” Not only did you have to have a handle, you had to speak the lingo. There were all sorts of phrases, expressions, and colloquialisms, not to mention the standard “ten signals” used to represent common phrases in voice communication by law enforcement and in Citizens Band (CB) radio transmissions (10-4, 10-20, etc.). One of the most common phrases you would hear was “10-4, Good Buddy” or “Come on, Good Buddy.” These simple words meant I hear you, I affirm you, come on let’s talk. That’s what I am saying to you today.

In a world where there is no shortage of communication, are people really listening and hearing one another? Do we slow down, look the other person in the eye, and not only listen with our ears, but listen with our hearts. Do we affirm others and invite them into deeper conversations? The truth is we need more Good Buddies.

The lesson I learned from my Dad was that people matter and everyone wants to share their story. He loved to talk and listen to others, on his CB and in-person, and I am my Daddy’s Son.

I want to continue developing this skill in others. Why: Because our families, workplaces, neighborhoods, and the world need this skill. Will you join me?

Doing Good at Work is trying to raise up 2023 Good Buddies in 2023. You can become a Good Buddy today. The first step is simple. Click HERE to apply and become a Participant in the Doing Good at Work Network. No money required, just let us know you are interested in Doing Good wherever you are. We will send you a link to a new blog post bi-weekly (1st and 3rd Mondays). In addition, we will encourage you to DO GOOD and provide some simple DOING GOOD ideas and stories along the way. APPLY TODAY!

My Dad is no longer with me, but I can still hear him saying, “Come on, Good Buddy.” And, like him I am saying to you, Come on, Good Buddy.” I encourage you to take action today and join the DOING GOOD movement!

Signing Off,


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