A Good People Leader

Good People Leaders make people BETTER. They know that making people better will make their team, department, business, or organization better. If you start with making people better, it will allow you the opportunity to make everything better. You can make a better world following this formula.

Marks of a Good People Leader

  1. Kindness is their automatic response to people regardless of the news. 
  2. They serve from a position of selflessness, knowing that helping others helps them. 
  3. They start new relationships and affirm old ones by showing respect for the person in front of them. 
  4. They exercise humility when they hear ideas and learn new things as their curiosity leads to unique insights. 
  5. They do best when the pressure gets intense because self-control is second nature. In fact, they have learned that personal attacks handled with self-control elevate their leadership influence over time. 
  6. Others are positive because they can feel their positive attitude. They feel better about themselves and the future whenever they communicate. 
  7. They look for the best in every person and every situation. 
  8. They are the light in dark times and illuminate with clarity the way ahead. 
  9. They never give up on others’ hopes and dreams or the team’s mission. 
  10. They stand firm with a warrior spine and an open heart regardless of the disruptions, challenges, and changes around them.

Are you interested in becoming this kind of leader in 2022? The process of becoming a good people leader involves coaching and mentoring, and it’s not a one-size-fits-all, instant solution.

Does it really matter if I am a good people leader? Shouldn’t I focus on the results and the process first? Isn’t the results and outcomes the goal? Here is the temptation: Starting at the end of a process instead of starting at the beginning. Getting results, defining processes, building systems, designing tools, etc., should begin with people. Better people provide better input to all the possibilities. Why limit the possibilities by narrowing the flow of ideas. When we relegate people development, we undermine the entire endeavor. People matter, and becoming a good people leader is imperative if you plan to succeed. Take action today!

Doing Good at Work offers People Building strategies for individuals, businesses, and organizations. Contact us today to learn how you, your business, or the organization you work for can develop better people strategies. It’s simple, and it will make you better.

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